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Women’s Club of Powell welcomes new members at any time. The 2021-2022 Membership Form and the Membership Letter are available below.


If you are a returning WCP member, you may remember that we have added several new interest groups in the past three years. This is, in part, due to the growing membership as well as increasing interest in some of the groups. We have started up several “offshoots” of current interest groups to accommodate our growing numbers.

When you select your interest groups for 2021-2022, please note that some of the group names are preceded by an asterisk. (*) This means that the group may be at capacity, with members returning to the group from last year. We will do all we can to accommodate all requests, so feel free to sign up for these groups. Your interest will be noted, and we will advise as there are openings.

A good option in this situation is to start a new branch of the group. It’s an easy process, and we will assist you. You’ll have a new group up and active in no time! Please keep group leadership in mind as an option for having fun with friends, both old and new.

Please contact Interest Group Chair Maureen Luis for information on starting up a new group, at

Membership Letter From President

Membership Form 2021-2022

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